iPhone 5s: Problems & Glitches

In my element, loving Apple.

In my element, loving Apple.

Let me start out by saying, I love Apple. My first iPhone was the 3GS and I haven’t looked back since. This week I was eagerly awaiting the release of the brand new 5s (yes — it’s lowercase). At 12:01am PDT I hurried on the Apple website to make my purchase; I had chosen a 32 GB gold iPhone. I thought, “Hey, maybe it’s tacky, but it’s f****** gold!” Pretty much the same argument I have for getting an Apple TV; it’s just plain sexy. But anyways, I digress. After putting in all of my information, to my dismay, I found out that Apple would only ship the phone to the account holder’s address. That meant that it would be sent to my dad in Michigan! Not only that but the quickest I’d receive it would be October 7th! I shut my laptop (MacBook Pro, obviously) in utter despair, determined to fight another day. I would get that phone on launch day no matter what!

In the morning at 9am I made my way to Radioshack. For you all born after 1997, Radioshack is a secondhand electronics specializing in, well, nothing. I figured no one would even dare step a foot in Radioshack for a top of the line product. As I entered the store, I was greeted by the sales associated. I was the only customer there, so things were looking promising. I inquired about the 5s and was told to come back tomorrow. That’s when there “big” shipment was coming in. I walked out slightly discouraged, but I couldn’t give up. I got to the office at 9:30 and told my coworkers of my woes. Over the course of the day I called around to several places. None of which that had a 32 GB phone. My dad had also assisted me in my search in Michigan to no avail. I left work around 5:40 en route to Best Buy. I held my breathe.

Once I got there I frantically search for a sales associate. After two of them ignored me, I sifted through the mobile section, and finally found my prey.

“Do you have an 32 GB iPhone 5s?”

“What carrier?”


“Hmmm…let me see. Nope sorry, I don’t have any.”

“Do you know when you’ll get more in?”

(Turns head and looks away) “Don’t know. Sorry. Thanks for coming in.”

Thanks?! *%**%$*%! It was crushing. I walked out with my head down and my dreams crushed. I looked out into the distance for something, anything. Then, all of a sudden, I noticed an AT&T store tucked away in the strip mall. EUREKA! I ran over with hope in my heart and wind at my feet. As I approached, I notified that the window panes were all covered in signs. I feared it may have closed down. I held my breathe and opened the door…luckily, I just entered from the backdoor, which I never do! I put my name on a waiting list of 5 and waited impatiently. A sales associate named Robert approached me and asked if I was “Stephan?” I corrected him and immediately asked for my baby…I mean the 5s. All the had left in stock was the grey scale 64 GB. I said I’d take it — no questions asked.

He finally emerged from the back with the phone. I could hardly contain my excitement. Now, my friends, I am the proud owner of an iPhone 5s. Unfortunately it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, and here’s why:

1. Fingerprint ID is imperfect

Don’t get me wrong, the “new” tech is impressive, but it just isn’t THAT great. You still have to click the bottom to awaken the phone. A lot of the time it even prompts me to try again. In some respects I believe it’s quickly to just put in the passcode. It really only is useful when making purchases (don’t forget to enable it in settings!). On the brightside, it works with my toe print!

2. Voicemail glitch

Yes, yes I realize voicemail may seem obsolete. However, there are still those that prefer it over text (*cough* Mom). I decided it was time to change my greeting. iOS 7 allows you to manage it from your voicemail. Unfortunately it freezes and doesn’t allow you to play back what you recorded half the time.

3. Control Center iTunes pause functionality

Every time I’m playing music and want to quickly pause it, I pull up the Control Center. About 75% it doesn’t stop, and I have to continue pressing it until it registers.

4. Call quality

I have used my phone for probably around 5 hours already, and I have received complaints on how hard it is to hear me at time. This was especially annoying talking to none other than AT&T on the phone. I’ve come to the conclusion that my left ear is bad luck.

5. Lightning adapter size

I had been coaxed into getting a heavy speck case for my phone. Unfortunately this means that the new lightning adapter won’t fit while the case is on the phone; and it’s not easy to remove. There goes $29!!

6. Restoring phone

It took me like 2 hours to backup my old 4S and to update the new one. Sadly, all of the pictures and videos I had taken while my old phone was backing itself up were deleted during the restoration. The worst part was I had pictures of a week old baby and I who reenactrd Simba’s birth ceremony!

7. AT&T Next

Not exactly a hardware or software issue, but nevertheless related. AT&T has a new installment payment program that allows custom to only pay tax for the phone upon purchase. It also allows for the customer to upgrade in a year. The catch — you end up paying the same for the phone as you would in a 2-year contract and you don’t get to keep the phone unless you pay $300 more to buy it out. My recommendation: if you really want a new phone in a year and want to save money, but the phone off contract and sell it on Gazelle, Usell, or EBay and buy yourself the new one. This new Next plan just isn’t worth it unless of course you don’t have the money upfront.

8. Battery life 

With constant usage the phone can barely last 4 hours. I’ve opted to purchase a Unu battery pack for $80 on Amazon. Hopefully that will remedy my extreme case of battery anxiety.

Well that’s that! I hope this proves to be useful for some of you!

Thanks for reading!


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